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- 15 April, 2019

Gut Power!

Experience our new range of flavour-packed organic sauerkraut

Our raw, organic sauerkraut has evolved, and it’s out of this world. Four fresh, vibrant flavours have burst out of our chefs’ imaginations and onto a shelf near you, and they’re ready to have you in a spin wondering which to choose. For the uninitiated: sauerkraut is a mild and pleasant kick for your sour and salt tasting buds, but a powerful punch of goodness for your gut. It’s a secret weapon to the food trifecta – texture, flavour and nutrition – and it’s primed to upgrade any meal. Personally, we pile it on a posh dog, savour it with sushi and tuck it into tacos.


The Crunchy Comeback

Yes, it’s revelled in a recent food-trend revival and currently basks in hipster limelight, but fermented cabbage has been around for hundreds of years. Our clever forefathers discovered the deliciously simple and effective preservation technique, which gifted them an economical, highly nutritious and long-lasting foodstuff.


The Benefits of Sauerkraut

First a quick recap on the process that produce the perfect kraut. We cut the cabbage into ultra-fine strips, stir it up with spices, salt and other vegetables and add the starter cultures. This sits in a cosy environment for a few days to kick-start that all-important fermentation.


Sauerkraut’s fermentation process produces live bacteria, (lactobacillus bacteria to be exact). There’s a buzz about this bacteria for a reason: the health benefits are huge. Gut happiness relies on help from its pals: good bacteria. These help maintain a healthy gut, restoring balance to your body and in turn promoting a healthy mind.


To maximise this gut power, the good bacteria needs to be alive and kicking! Your best bet is an unpasteurised kraut, and our raw krauts are exactly that! Just a handful of top quality ingredients, a simple recipe and there you have it! A range of organic, raw, vegan, sauer-sensations.


So What’s New?

Bursting onto the scene: three brand new varieties of raw, organic sauerkraut: Feel the Heat, Golden Glow and In The Pink. These take proud place alongside our old fave, the Classic Crunch. Each have a distinctive flavour combination, just perfect for jazzing up even the most standard of meals in one simple spoonful.


Feel The Heat

Infused with jalepeno and chilli, Feel the Heat is a raw, organic sauerkraut with crunch and bite.  Dollop it on top of a baked sweet potato, or loaded onto our Alkalising Winter Goodness Bowl.


Golden Glow

A warming, aromatic and nourishing combination of ginger and curry. The Golden Glow fresh kraut has notes of cumin and ginger and dazzles in Cranberry Sauerkraut Meatballs & Courgetti.

In the Pink

Vivid red cabbage gives In The Pink its pretty hue. It’s the addition of ginger and lemon that packs the punch. Enjoy it with our gut-loving speciality: the Raw x Co-Yo Yummy Tummy Tacos.

Classic Crunch

Classic Crunch is the king of krauts. Zinging with a crisp, fresh crunch, it adds a RAW element to pretty much any dish – particularly great with pasta and alongside salad. We can’t get enough of it in this Polish classic: Vegan Sauerkraut Pierogi with Coconut-Bacon.

Do you kraut? Let us know your take on sauerkraut’s perfect partner! Tag us in your creations and hashtag your combinations #krautcrazy.

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