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RAW Ethical Policies

RAW has been driven by a passion for improving the health of the environment, and flowing from that, healthy organic food that is good for you. Providing food for people who believe in ”Conscious Eating” is what we do. Conscious Eating embraces knowing where your food comes from, and that it has been grown organically, preserving the health of the soil and ensuring that everyone involved in the supply chain has been treated ethically.

At RAW, you can trust us to ensure that our food has been farmed and produced to these high standards. That way, we can all enjoy a clear conscience.

When it comes to food packaging, you can again rely on us to act consciously, always striving to reduce the environmental impact of the packaging itself and the precious energy used.

For us, Conscious Eating extends to the whole environmental impact of what we do. Our treasured customers can rest assured that, as they enjoy our premium quality food, they can do so with a clear conscience.

For more in depth information, please read our individual ethical policies below.

Organic is at the heart of who we are – we care for the environment, and we take care of it for you.