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- 14 January, 2020

Terrific Turmeric

Hello Yellow!

Curcuma longa (aka turmeric) has long been a plant with extras. Used in Asian cooking for creating warming curries and as a natural dye thanks to its beautifully vibrant hue, turmeric has been harnessed by the world in its many guises.

Part of the ginger family, turmeric is usually bought as rhizomes (the underground stem that produces the root and stem) or as the burnt-orange powder (which is the boiled, dried and ground version) that produces vivid yellow pigment and an earthy flavour.

Super Spice

Not satisfied with just being a gorgeously bittersweet spice to add colour and depth to your dishes, turmeric also has anti-inflammatory properties so it can help towards reducing symptoms of arthritis, PMS and chronic back pain. Make no mistake, this is one spice worth adding to the rack!

The phytochemical (plant pigment) in curcumin (the chemical that gives turmeric its bright yellow glow) is suggested to provide anti-oxidising benefits, which is great news for helping to defend our cells against disease and deterioration.

Turmeric’s other big bioactive compound is turmerone, which is thought to have neuro-protective benefits. Research has shown that the aromatic-tumerone found in turmeric could induce neural stem cell proliferation, making it a very welcome addition to recovering stroke patients or anyone suffering from neuro-degenerative disease.

Daily Dose

While turmeric is the main ingredient in curry powder, curry isn’t the only way to get your turmeric fix (though it is one of our favourite ways):

Golden Milk

A beautifully warming and soothing drink to enjoy in the place of your bedtime cocoa. Sweeten with one of our yummy honeys.

Golden Glow Sauerkraut

Double up on your turmeric treats and go for a tasty curry with a side helping of our Golden Glow sauerkraut.

Turmeric & Ginger ACV Tonic

Still fighting off the winter bugs? Or just in need of a throat soother with a kick? Mix yourself one of these beauties and you’ll be feeling vibrant in no time.

How do you like yours?

What’s your go-to turmeric tipple or treat? Do you love it grated into a plant milk? Or powdered into your soups? Stewed in a tea, or roasted on a cauliflower? Let us know, share your spice secrets with the RAW community! #terrifictumeric #RAWvibrantliving #RAWtumeric

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