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- 4 January, 2021

Take it Back to Basics in the New Year

Time to reboot, recharge and restore

2020, ooft. Let’s just catch our collective breath, shall we? After a year that threw everything at us, the hope that comes with a dawning new year is more welcome than ever.


The new year can be a great time for beginnings – sure. New year; new you, right? Whether it’s a new exercise regime, develop a new hobby, start a diet.  But do we really need the pressure of doing more, after a year that has been one of endurance for everybody?

January 2021 is time to undo. Strip it back. Simplify. Go easy. Taking things back to basics gives us a chance to process, heal and recharge.

Eating Pure & Simple

Forget counting calories or points. When we switch focus to eating for quality and quantity of nutrients, food becomes about the joy of nourishing ourselves. To boost your reserves and garner maximum goodness; choose fresh, minimally processed, wholefoods. Think plenty of probiotic-packed sauerkraut, heart-healthy olive oil and healing raw honey.

Need some inspiration for simply-prepared, nutrient packed recipes? Look no further!

Easy Endorphins

It’s no secret that exercise brings all the benefits, including a hit of the ‘feel-good’ neurochemicals: endorphins. With COVID-19 forcing us to change up our workout routine, it can be tough to muster up motivation some days. And yet…

Did you know that just 30 minutes of continuous exercise gets you that endorphin rush? You don’t need a home gym, or to get out sprinting. Keep it simple with a home yoga flow or gentle resistance workout using tinned veg for weights. You could double the benefits by going for a walk or run somewhere in nature.

Stress Less

Sounds easier said than done after a year like the one we’ve just had, but there are some practical tips you can try to help reduce your feelings of stress and anxiety.


Write it down! Everything from to-do lists, a journal for concerns to somewhere to jot down the things you’re grateful for each day are all great ways to harness the power of the humble pen (or even your Notes app).


Soothing music, soundscapes or meditation podcasts can induce feelings of calm.


Laughter is the best medicine. Have a chat with a friend to get giggling, watch or listen to some comedy for an easy boost of serotonin.


Beautifully scented candles or essential oils diffused around you can be effective stress relievers. Aromatherapy oils such as lavender, neroli and ylang ylang are renowned for their calming properties.


Whether that’s in person or virtually – keep in touch. Reaching out to others to talk or just to have them hold space for you can help reduce feelings of tension and anxiety.

Be Mindful

Mindfulness is about using techniques to be fully present and aware in the moment. Think practices like yoga, meditation and colouring.


Whether it’s through vibrantly simple food, movement or mindfulness, we hope you have a restorative and positive January. See you on social!


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