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- 13 December, 2018

Winter Wellness: 5 Sweet Ways to Boost Immunity

Hi winter! Hi runny noses, tickly coughs, chapped lips… ‘tis the season to be sniffly! Long, dark mornings are a drag if you’re struggling to keep on top of your health and endless festive gatherings, though fun, take their toll on your immune system.

Enter nature’s sweetest gift: honey. This gleaming golden liquid helps lift mind, body and soul with that vital vibrancy we miss on those grey days.

In its natural state, honey is rich in vitamins, minerals, flavonoids and plant polyphenols. It’s also versatile, inexpensive and natural. Quite the store cupboard superhero!

Flavonoids, in case you were wondering, provide plant pigmentation: the yellow, red and blue hues designed to attract pollinators (hence their presence in honey). They also contain antioxidants, potent cell-protectors.

And polyphenols? Numerous studies report their antidiabetic effects, as well as positive effects on cholesterol, blood pressure and artery function.

However, if the honey you’re squeezing into your porridge is pasteurised, you’re missing out. The heating process irreparably damages the micronutrients before your body can benefit from them.

At RAW, we use organic cold extraction methods and never heat the honey above the natural temperature of the beehive. Micronutrients: preserved.

Read on for ideas to infuse your day with golden goodness!


5 Sweet Ways to Boost Immunity

1. Wake up Wellness

Starting the day with a shot of ACV (apple cider vinegar) is a well-known health tip and will drag your sleepy brain out of hibernation. Allow us to make it a little more palatable for you with our ACV Turmeric, Ginger & Honey Tonic, also recommended if you’re feeling under the weather and need a boost. If you prefer a cuppa, Clipper’s lemon and ginger infusion with our acacia honey will also put a welcome spring in your step.

2. Breakfast of Champions

Once your digestive system has been gently woken with an ACV infusion, it’s time to get in that most important of meals. Get your honey kick at breakfast, it’s as easy as substituting sugar for a drop of honey in your porridge or drizzled on your pancakes.

3. Power Lunch

Business can ramp up at this time of year. In combination with shorter days, this leaves us feeling frazzled. Taking time for lunch is a great antidote. Be mindful, take your time, sit down (away from your desk if that’s where you work) and focus on what you’re eating. Preparing something homemade is economical and healthy. We’ve got some great prepare-ahead ideas that you can pack with a box of crispbread: try this powerhouse of a snack; Beetroot Hummus. For your sweet fix, try our Clipper Earl Grey Infused Cake, which is sweetened with RAW acacia honey.

4. Self Care Supper

The delicately floral and vanilla flavour of our organic acacia honey also makes it the perfect addition to sauces and stir fries. We’ve got just the thing for a quick and delicious evening meal to refresh and revive you – our Eat the Rainbow Pad Thai. Follow with an organic vegan hot chocolate (warm together a spoonfull of cacao, oat milk and add honey to taste) and get a nice early night.

5. Put it on you!

Ingesting honey is the best way to get in on its goodness, but there are other ways to benefit and boost wellness, such a creating one of these gorgeous home spa remedies:

Raw Honey Face Mask
Mix a tablespoon of honey with a few drops of lemon juice (for antibacterial properties), cinnamon (to invigorate) and coconut oil (to moisturise) – smooth onto skin, light a candle and take some meditative breaths while you let the mask do its work.

Soothing Scrub
Combine a few tablespoons of honey, a tablespoon of brown sugar and a couple of drops of your favourite essential oils. Try peppermint oil for your lips and an orange or rose oil for your body.

Lip Salve
Gently warm coconut oil, honey and essential oils and pour into a small container. When the mixture solidifies, you’ll have yourself a bespoke lip balm to see you through winter.


How do you use yours? Follow us on Twitter, IG and Facebook and let us know your favourite ways to keep well in winter with raw honey.

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