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Spicy Sauerkraut Cucumber Wrapped Sushi – great for the gut!

Serves 1

1 large cucumber
Bonsan Cashew Chive Cheese-Free Spread
RAW Jalapeno and Chilli Sauerkraut
Fresh dill, chopped
Fresh coriander
RAW Black Chia Seeds
Spicy vegan mayo, to serve

1. Trim the ends off the cucumber. Use a vegetable peeler to slice the cucumber vertically into thin flat strips.
2. Continue until you reach the centre of the cucumber, then flip it over and repeat. Discard the skin, you can use the peels to create cucumber water to add to the soil of plants!
3. Arrange the cucumber slices on a bamboo sushi mat or large food wrap so that the slices are overlapping, and pat with kitchen paper to remove moisture.
4. Spread a layer of the cashew chive cheese-free spread all over.
5. Arrange the sauerkraut in a row about 1” up from the bottom. Top with fresh dill and coriander.
6. Using the bamboo mat (or food wrap) to aid, roll up snugly, pulling the bamboo mat or wrap back and away as you roll so it does not get rolled up into the cucumber roll.
7. Slice the cucumber sushi into pieces and sprinkle with black chia seeds for extra crunch and gut-friendly goodness.
8. Arrange on a serving plate with a ramekin of spicy mayo for dipping. This is perfect as a healthier lunch or snack that’s great for the gut!


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