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Raw Tomato, Olive and Caper Zoodles

Serves 2

For the sauce:

250g baby plum tomatoes, or other sweet variety
80g sundried tomatoes in olive oil
1 clove garlic
20g fresh basil
Black pepper, to taste

For the rest:

2 large or 3 medium courgettes
1 tbsp. capers, chopped roughly
3 tbsp. RAW Organic Kalamata Olives, pitted and chopped roughly
Fresh basil
Nutritional yeast, optional
RAW Organic Greek Olive Oil, for drizzling

Place all of the ingredients for the sauce into a food processor and blend until fully combined. If it looks a bit watery, just drain any excess water.

Use a spiralizer or a peeler to make noodles / ribbons with the courgette. Pat the courgette dry with one or two pieces of kitchen paper.

Toss the sauce with the courgettes just before serving and sprinkle with olives, capers and fresh basil. Season to taste, sprinkle over some nutritional yeast if desired and drizzle with olive oil. Serve immediately.

If you don’t plan to eat this straight away, store the sauce and courgettes separately in the fridge. You may need to drain the sauce of excess water before tossing with the courgette.


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