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Raw Energy Ball Snowmen

Serves 3

6 RAW Organic Fruity Coconut Energy Balls
3 goji berries
3 dried blueberries or currants
3 cocktail sticks
Thin ribbon, optional

Slice the bottom off from three of the energy balls so that it sits on a flat surface without rolling.

Thread these onto three separate cocktail sticks.

Thread the other three energy balls on top so that you have two energy balls side by side on each stick. Cut the tops of the cocktail sticks off if they are poking through the top.

Cut the dried blueberries or currants in half and press the sticky side on to the top energy balls to make eyes.

Stick the goji berry just below to make a nose. You may need to cut the tip off the goji berries to make them sticky.

Tie ribbon around the neck to make a scarf.

Serve with a smile!


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