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Raw Buckwheat, Orange and Nut Butter Porridge

2 cups of buckwheat
1 orange
50-70 ml milk of choice
2 tbsp. RAW Organic Black Chia Seeds
2 tbsp. RAW Organic Cashew Butter
1 tsp. cinnamon
50 ml RAW Organic Acacia Flower Honey, to taste
Pinch of salt

Topping suggestions:
Coconut yoghurt
Fresh fruit

Put the buckwheat in a bowl and cover with cold water. Leave in the fridge overnight to soak.

Drain and rinse the buckwheat. Put in into a blender and add the zest of your orange. Peel the orange and add it to the blender (removing any seeds if there are any). Add all of the other ingredients and blend until smooth. Taste for sweetness.

Best left in the refrigerator for an hour or so to thicken up.

Top with fresh fruit, seeds, nuts, coconut yoghurt or anything else you might fancy.


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Serves 2-3