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Raspberry Chocolate Cups

● 1 cup frozen raspberries
● 1 tablespoon RAW honey
● 250g dark chocolate
● 1 tsp of RAW coconut Oil

1. Heat the frozen raspberries in a small pan on medium-high heat until soft, mash the raspberries until there are no large chunks anymore & add the honey. Give it a mix and set aside to cool.
2. In a double boiler, melt 150g of the chocolate. Meanwhile place 8 muffin liners in a muffin pan.
3. Place about 1 1/2 teaspoon of melted chocolate in the muffin liners and tilt them, so the chocolate spreads to the sides. Repeat for all the muffin liners and place it into the fridge for a few minutes (until the chocolate hardens).
4. Melt 100g of dark chocolate in the double boiler. Meanwhile add about a teaspoon of the raspberry filling into the chocolate coated muffin liners (place it in the middle). Once the chocolate has melted, pour it over the raspberry filling. Tilt it a bit so the top is covered with the chocolate completely. Let it harden in the fridge for about 5 minutes.
5. Once the chocolate is hard, carefully remove the cupcake liners and enjoy.


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