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- 10 December, 2019

The Gut Gift Guide

Give Your Gut RAW This Christmas

As much as we love it, Christmas can take its toll on your gut. ‘Tis the season of overindulgence! It can be hard for your gastrointestinal microbiome to keep up. But ‘tis also the season to be jolly, and we wouldn’t want you opting out now would we?

If your gut could write a list for Santa, how would it read? Is it possible to enjoy the festivities AND give your gut all it ever dreamed of? Of course it is! Let’s inject some RAW into Christmas!

Your Gut’s Christmas Wishlist:

A Kick-Start

The cold tends to make us feel slower, doesn’t it? Some people feel the same is true for their digestion and research has found that human gut flora is sensitive to seasonal shifts. Our guts are crying out for a boost in the colder months, and what better time to oblige than the festive period (when, let’s face it, we could do with a general  boost to get us going)?

Make your gut’s day by starting it off with a switchel, shrub or tonic. Made with RAW ACV and other GI tract-loving superfoods, these zingy refreshments will put a pep in your step while setting you up for the party to come with anti-inflammatory powers from the likes of turmeric and ginger.

A Hangover Gut-Fixer

Festive fizz, Snowballs and Eggnog in abundance = a sore head and a sad gut. Alcohol irritates the gut’s lining and can negatively affect its balance of friendly and harmful bacteria, too. Not what we’d call festive fun.

Go easy on the booze and be sure to drink plenty of water (remember that hydration is key to a healthy, happy gut). If you do accidentally overindulge, find yourself the following xmas staples:

  • Cysteine: an amino acid that breaks down hangover toxins – found in oats, broccoli, garlic, onions, brussels sprouts
  • Potassium: a crucial mineral lost in dehydration, find it in bananas, crisps, avocados Fructose: for energy – forget the fizz and go straight for the orange juice!
  • Sodium: a key electrolyte, restock with coconut water and green leafy veg (not bowls of crisps!)

Sweetness Without the Sugar

It hit the news this month that some Christmas themed drinks contain as many as 23 teaspoons of sugar. That’s a little too sweet for someone trying to stay calm around this hectic time of year. Here’s some delicious indulgences to fill you with Christmas cheer (without giving you the jitters):


Bloating, overfullness, heartburn and other symptoms often result from an excess of rich and salty foods. Aim for balance this holiday period…

Go Slow

We all know chewing our food helps digestion, so take your time – be mindful over every bite. Down tools for a chat or a terrible cracker joke. Take note of how your body feels during each meal and stop when you notice you’re full.

Start as you mean to go on.

Set yourself up with a mouth-watering starter that’s fresh, zingy and full of gut-loving elements. If you know the rest of the day is going to be a write-off, you need to get your probiotic hits in where you can. Try this stunningly vibrant Avocado Boats Christmas Starter to set the tone.

Merry Movement

Research suggests exercise helps with digestion and a gentle walk after dinner is a perfect pick-me-up. Kids will also benefit from running off that energy and it’s a great stress buster for anyone feeling a family feud fire up!

If you can persuade anyone to get their mats out, a short yoga sesh is a great way to get the enzymes flowing. Get the family involved, or use it as some time-out for yourself, away from the hectic vibes the big day can bring.

How are you spending this festive period? With family? Friends? At home or abroad? How do you avoid the sofa sluggishness and do you have any gut-friendly xmas tips to share? Get involved! Find us on twitter, IG and facebook #rawchristmas #rawxmas #rawholidays

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