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- 16 July, 2019

RAW and Ready for Sun: 2 Kitchen Staples to Fight your Summer Beauty Woes

With solstice behind us, it’s official. Summer’s here! Serving long, hot days of fun and sun. We love sunshine, but know the brighter months bring beauty troubles that put a dampener on the season for many.

For those who seek solutions but live for simplicity, we’ve got two secret ingredients that transform into a whole range of homemade summer treatments in minutes.

Read on to ready skin and hair for the summer sun, naturally.

Summer Saviour #1 – Honey

It’s not news that honey’s a wonder-stuff (we’ve sung its praises before, here). As well as its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it’s a humectant: it absorbs and retains moisture from the air around it.

No surprise then that there’s long been a beauty-buzz about honey. It boasts incredible benefits to skin and hair, with studies listing softening, moisturising, soothing and hair conditioning effects.

Research also suggests that honey heals some burns faster than other treatments. The anti-inflammatory effects and ability to nourish surrounding tissue help to soothe and repair the affected areas.

But – and forgive us for mixing our condiments – not just any honey will cut the mustard. Many manufacturers heat honey to high temperatures and process it further. This can denature beneficial enzymes, reduce the antioxidant levels and remove beneficial nutrients, such as pollen.

If you want maximum goodness, keep it raw! Simply strained, organic and unpasteurised is best, and that’s how we make ours! We cold-extract our organic honeys and never heat them above the temperature of the beehive.

Summer Saviour #2 – Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV is another It’s also a beauty booster.

Apples give the vinegar plenty of pectin, a polysaccharide that may improve the skin’s barrier.

ACV also packs a good portion of acetic acid, which might account for the vinegar’s antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Another of ACV’s acids – citric acid – is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHAs). These dissolve keratin, which is the pesky protein that builds up in pores to create acne – a seasonal worry for those who get particularly oily in the summer – and help slough off dead skin cells, too.

So, skin loves ACV, and so does hair: its naturally low pH helps to balance out hair that is too alkaline – a problem that is known to cause common woes, such as dry, dull and brittle hair.

Again, to keep you summer saviour super-charged, insist on raw and organic. Our staple ACV ticks all the boxes.

3 Summer Beauty Stresses


We can all fall prey to sunburn. That red, sore skin that blisters and peels is the last accessory anyone wants to add to their summer #ootd.


How to use:

Try our ‘Why the red face?’ face pack. Take the pulp from a couple of tomatoes and whizz together with a teaspoon of RAW honey. Apply to the affected area and leave for 15 minutes, before washing off with cold water.


How to use:

ACV has long been used to soothe sunburn. While some studies show ACV can help burn wounds heal faster, research is mixed as to why and how it helps human sunburn. Nevertheless, application of ACV diluted in cold water brings cooling relief to hot, scorched skin. Blend ACV 1:8 parts with filtered water and apply using a flannel or spray bottle.

NB: It’s better to avoid sunburn altogether: don’t forget to wear a quality organic sunscreen.

Dry, frizzy hair

Extremes of temperature and humidity can make for damaged, frizzy hair.


How to use:

Our ‘Hey honey, it’s summer!’ hair mask: Mix equal parts of RAW coconut oil and ACV and apply to damp hair for a 45 minute intensive treatment. Wash out with regular shampoo and you should find your hair soft, shiny and manageable.


How to use:

Mix 1 tablespoon of ACV with 1 cup of water. Pour or spray onto your hair after shampooing, massage into the scalp, allowing to absorb for 5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Repeat weekly.

Dry skin

Air conditioning and long haul travel can really dry skin out.


How to use:

Save your crystallised RAW honey to apply directly as a scrub. Warm it in your hands a little, then rub gently into skin with circular sweeping motions.


How to use:

Dilute ACV 1:8 with filtered water (this is important! Straight ACV is too acidic and could irritate your skin). Add a drop of essential oil if you want to. Apply the mixture to your skin with a cotton bud, leave for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly with cool water.


To go even simpler, try our RAW ACV with honey, which combines both summer saviours! A perfect summer beauty tonic. Let us know how you use your natural #summersaviours on social.



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