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- 28 March, 2019

Recycled Sauerkraut Jar Buzzing Bee Hive

At RAW, we believe in traceability, and that doesn’t just apply to our food. We think, where possible, we can do more to trace the life cycle of packaging too. We don’t know about you, but we go through a lot of sauerkraut jars here at RAW HQ. So, we decided to get a bit crafty and found a way to repurpose our Sauerkraut jars that’ll not only help your garden flourish but help the planet too!

We’ve all been hearing lately about how we simply cannot survive on this planet without bees, so let’s do our bit and give back to these little creatures. These homemade beehives are the perfect craft to get you in the Spring mood. They’ll brighten up your garden in the short-term, and in the long-term – with the help of our bee friends – they’ll help pollenate your garden so it’s looking like something out of Chelsea Flower Show!

Simply clean out your used Sauerkraut jar and roll up some thick coloured paper or card into tubes big enough to house a bee (about 5-10mm). Then, stack these tubes with alternating colours inside the jar so it’s packed full, tie on a string round the rim of the jar and hang it up on its side on your nearest tree branch. You’ll soon have a beautifully buzzing jar that’s the talk of the hive! Keep your eyes peeled for the open ends of the tubes being filled up with bits of fluff, mud and leaves – this is what happens when the bees start to set up camp! The types of bees that’ll be growing in here will most likely be honey bees or solitary bees. So get munching that kraut and welcome some new furry friends to your garden!

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